Americans paid more income tax in 2014

By Philip Bump via Washington Post

Guys, it's Tax Day -- the day each year when we gather with family and friends to celebrate handing over a quarter of our earnings to the government so that it can build hospitals and such. It's a happy day, filled with happy feelings.

(An aside at the top: It was only this year that I realized the sheer, grim coincidence of Abraham Lincoln having both created the income tax and perishing from his fatal wounds on April 15, 1865. Other have almost certainly noted this in the past, but: Ouch.)

So how much money do Americans actually turn over to the government? We pulled data from the Office of Management and Budget to find out. We've included OMB's 2015 estimates on the charts below.

Americans paid $1.4 trillion in income tax in 2014.

That's expected to climb this year. It is, as you'd expect, an all-time high.

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