No More Taxes


SB 8 (Hertzberg): $10 Billion in new sales and use taxes
SCA 5 (Hancock & Mitchell): $9 Billion in new gas taxes and increased vehicle license and registration fees
Speaker Atkins proposal: $1.8 Billion "road user charge" fee
SB 591 (Pan), and SBX2-13 (Pan): $800 Million- $1.5 Billion in tobacco taxes
SBX2 14 (Hernandez) $1.4 Billion tobacco tax increase and a $1.3 Billion increase on health insurance premiums
AB 1335 (Atkins): $300 Million in new real estate taxes
AB 1203 (Jones-Sawyer): $150 Million in property taxes
ABX2-18 (Bonilla): $0.05 alcohol tax-$22 Million

AB464 (Mullin): Undetermined but Major Potential Costs.
It would extend the authority of local governments to increase the maximum state and local state and use tax to 10.5%


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